Freeze Granulation

The way to optimize powder processing. We develop, manufacture, market and sell equipment for Freeze Granulation.
Our products

Our products

We provide two products of equipment for freeze granulation


Lab-scale Granulators

We provide three different lab-scale units for freeze granulation; LS-2, LS-6 and LS-6nms.

Alpha 1-4 LSCplus

Compact table top freeze drier for effective lyophilization with innovative wireless shelf technology.

Production Granulator PS-20

Prototype Production Granulator PS-20

Prototype with an in-freezing capacity of 20 liter suspension per hour enabling 50-100 liter daily processing.

The technology of Freeze granulation


Instant freezing of sprayed suspension drops

Several companies and research labs around the world have applied the process with our support.
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Granulation test

Want to try for yourself? We provide granulation tests and start-up at site.