Lab-scale Granulators

We have three different lab-scale granulators:

One of our Lab-scale Granulators: LS-2

Lab-scale Granulator LS-2

Has a capacity of about two liters per hour. Granulates up to 16 litre/8h shift in your lab with same size as from a large granulator.

One of our Lab-scale Granulators: LS-6

Lab-scale Granulator LS-6

This Lab-scale production granulator has the capacity of 6 liters/hour and it consists of a slip container with a stirrer and a pump for the slip.

One of our Lab-scale Granulators: LS-6nms

Lab-scale Granulator LS-6nms

Has a capacity of 6 l/h. This is a special model with mechanical stirring for magnetic or high density powders.

homogeneous granules with

  • no contamination
  • no migration of binders or small particles
  • no void formation
  • no formation of dried shell
  • redispersible nanopowders and enzymes
  • easy to use and easy to clean
  • granulate 5-25 litre/8h shift with the same granule size as for a large spray dryer. Capacity may vary depending on material and processing parameters
  • granule size from 10 to 700 μm
  • low waste of material (high yield)
  • low temperature granulation for temperature sensitive materials
  • for example, granulate 10 small batches of different compositions in 4h (one afternoon), including cleaning time
  • processing capacity is strongly dependant on volume concentration in slurry and density of suspended material
  • superior for retaining homogeneity in mixed material powders.

Lab-scale Freeze Granulator
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