Granulation Test

Order a Granulation Test

In connection to a purchase of granulation equipment, PowderPro AB offer a Granulation Test of one litre suspension for €995 (shared cost) to help in concepts for slip preparation/formulation and how to operate the equipment in order to achieve high yield and high-quality granules at a low cost.

Granulation Test in lab.
Granulation Test

Granulation Test

We do test-granulations, using shared costs, with your powder and binder systems, to evaluate freeze granulation on your materials, please download “Questionnaire for test of freeze granulation”.

Key Benefits

  • Homogeneous granules (10 to 700 μm) with no migration
  • Redispersible nanopowders and enzymes
  • No contamination
  • High yield and easy to clean
  • Evaluate benefits before investing
  • Min. volume is normally 50 ml and max. 1000 ml in a test
  • Superior for retaining homogeneity in mixed material powders.

Start-up at site

We also offer “start-up at site” for you to save time and money during start-up.

See more information about our Lab-scale GranulatorsProduction Granulator (PS-20) or Freeze Dryer Alpha 1-4 LSCplus and go to Technology for more information.

If you don’t find the information you need, please contact us. We’re always glad to help.

Order Granulation Test with LS-2

For a Freeze Granulation Test we apply shared cost (50:50) with our customers. Please fill in the form below, describing your system and we will send you a quotation and additional info. Minimum volume is normally 50 ml and maximum 1000 ml in a test. If we should do the preparation we have to add a certain cost.