The way to optimize powder processing

We develop, manufacture, market and sell equipment for Freeze Granulation

Lab-scale Granulators

Lab-scale granulators

Lab-scale granulators are provided with magnetic or impeller stirring with a capacity of processing small suspension batches of down to 50 ml as well as up to several liters with equality in granule properties.

  • Granule size in the range of 10 to 700 µm
  • High yield (low waste) of high-quality granules
  • Easy to clean – low risk of contamination

Freeze dryer

Compact tabletop unit for effective lyophilization of materials. Supplied with innovative wireless shelf technology. The freeze dryer can be configured with tried and tested accessories according to your preferences.

  • Capacity to host and dry about 2 liters granules within 24 hours
  • Ice condenser capacity of 4 kg
  • Condenser temperature down to -55°C
Granulation test

Test granulation

We can conduct test granulation of your specific material, enabling you to evaluate (the output) before considering a purchase of our freeze granulation equipment.

  • Up to one litre suspension is processed at prime cost
  • Suspension composition and processing upon agreement
  • Completion of testing and delivery of granules within 2-3 weeks