We provide two products of equipment for freeze granulation

In connection to a purchase of granulation equipment, PowderPro AB provides help in concepts for slip preparation/formulation and how to operate the equipment in order to achieve high yield and high-quality granules.

The main advantage in our process is the rapid freezing, creating very small ice crystals. This will preserve homogeneity in composite solid materials and improve solubility in organic materials.

See our Test-granulation services and start-up at site (one day) and go to Technology for more information.


Lab-scale Granulators

We have three different Lab-scale Granulators for freeze granulation. They are the LS-6, the LS-2 and the LS-6nms.

Alpha 1-4 LSCplus

Freeze Dryer

Compact tabletop unit for effective lyophilisation of specimens with innovative Wireless Shelf Technology.


Prototype Production Granulator PS-20

Has a capacity of twenty liters per hour. Can granulate 50 to 100 litres per/shift depending on the amount of solids loaded into the slurry.