Applications for Freeze Granulation

Typical applications for Freeze Granulation are homogeneous granulation and drying of engineering (advanced, fine, high-performance) ceramic powders; oxides (alumina (Al2O3), zirconia (ZrO2), silica (SiO2)), nitrides (silicon nitride (Si3N4)) and carbides (SiC) and also granulation of powders of metal oxides, plasma spraying, nanomaterials (nanopowders), diamonds (PCD/CBN inserts), LED Lighting, pyrotechnicals (igniters, delay elements) and drying of pharmaceuticals and drugs, and for drying… Continue reading Applications for Freeze Granulation

Utilization of Freeze Granulation for different applications

Freeze granulation can be utilized on lab scale as well on production scale with equality in granule properties and high yield for many applications. Besides large quantities also very small experimental batches (50-100 ml slip) can easily be processed. The equipment is easy to clean, enabling use of water insoluble polymers (latexes) as binder and… Continue reading Utilization of Freeze Granulation for different applications