Recent advances in granulation technology

Himanshu.K.Solanki, Tarashankar Basuri, Jalaram H.Thakkar, Chirag A. Patel
Department of Pharmacy, SSR College of Pharmacy, Sayli-silvassa Road, Sayli, UT of D& NH-396230, India.


Granulation is one of the most important unit operations in the production of pharmaceutical oral dosage forms. Granulation
process will improve flow and compression characteristics, reduce segregation, improve content uniformity, and eliminate excessive amounts of fine particles. The results will be improved yields, reduced tablet defects, increased productivity, and reduced down time. Pharmaceutical products are processed all over the world using the direct-compressing, wet-granulation, or dry granulation methods. Which method is chosen depends on the ingredients individual characteristics and ability to properly flow, compresses, eject, and disintegrate. Choosing a method requires thorough investigation of each ingredient in the formula, the combination of ingredients, and how they work with each other. Then the proper granulation process can be applied. The objective of present article was to focus on the novel granulation technology.

Keywords: Pneumatic Dry Granulation, Freeze granulation, Moisture activated dry granulation, Foam granulation, Steam
granulation, Thermal Adhesion Granulation

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Illustration of Freeze Granulation
Illustration of Freeze Granulation