ECerS XIII Conference – Limoges, France

ECerS XIII Conference – Limoges, France
ECerS XIII Conference – Limoges, France

ECerS XIII Conference – Limoges, France – Welcome to PowderPro’s stand No 1 at the exhibition at ECerS XIII Conference (European Ceramic Society) in Limoges, France from the 23rd to the 27th of June 2013. We look forward to meet customers, partners and new contacts for interesting discussions in our stand!

We plan to have our equipment available at a nearby lab for you to see the process of Freeze Granulation.

Please contact us and we will further discuss the opportunities with Freeze Granulation in your powder system and read more on technology and a Granulation Test of your powder system.

Granulation equipment

PowderPro supplies equipment for granulation of various powders and chemicals. Freeze Granulation for improved granule properties compared with spray drying. Granules with no void formation, no migration of fine particles or binders, and no formation of hard dry shell.

Spray cooling or rather called spray freezing is the first step in the freeze granulation process where a suspension is atomized, sprayed with a nozzle, into a chamber with liquid nitrogen. The small droplets are then rapidly frozen with a minimum of ice crystal growth. The frozen material (granules) are then transferred to a freeze dryer/lyophilizer where the ice is removed by sublimation, i e never go through a liquid state that ensure homogeneity preservation.

Please contact us for more information or if you have specific questions on your system and for a test-granulation of your powder system.