Inhalable nanoparticulate powders for respiratory delivery

Inhalable nanoparticulate powders for respiratory delivery

Priya Muralidharan, Monica Malapit, Evan Mallory, Don Hayes Jr., Heidi M. Mansour


Nanoparticles are extensively studied for drug delivery and are proving to be effective in drug delivery and the diagnostic field. Drug delivery to lungs has its advantages over other routes of administration. Inhalable powders consisting of nanoparticles are gaining much interest in respiratory research and clinical therapy. Particle engineering technique is a key factor to develop inhalable formulations that can successfully deliver drug with improved therapeutic effect and enhanced targeting. Inhalable nanoparticles in the solid-state dry powders for targeted pulmonary delivery offer unique advantages and are an exciting new area of research. Nasal delivery of inhalable nanoparticulate powders is gaining research attention recently, particularly in vaccine applications, systemic drug delivery in the treatment of pain, and non-invasive brain targeting. Fundamental aspects and recent advancements along with future prospects of inhalable powders consisting of nanoparticles in the solid-state for respiratory delivery are presented.

From the Clinical Editor

The advance in nanotechnology has enabled the design of new drug delivery systems through inhalation, which has many advantages over traditional delivery systems. This comprehensive review describes and discusses the current status, drug design and modification for targeted delivery and challenges of the use of nanoparticles in the respiratory tract.


Pulmonary nanomedicine, Solid-state, Dry powder inhaler, Particle engineering design, Inhalation powders, Lung/nasal