Inert particles as process aid in spray-freeze drying

Inert particles as process aid in spray-freeze drying

Fan Zhang, Xiaoyu Ma, Xiusheng Wu, Qing Xu, Wei Tian, Zhanyong Li


Spray-freeze drying (SFD) is a novel and advanced drying technology in the production of high-value foods and pharmaceuticals. However, long drying time is still a disadvantage for the SFD applications. This constraint could be alleviated using inert particles. This article provides the experimental results on SFD of whole milk in an integrated spray-freeze and vacuum freeze drying equipment. The effects were quantified in terms of the SFD drying time and the properties of the obtained milk powder in relation to the size of stainless steel balls used as inert particles. It is shown that the drying time could be reduced to some extent due to inert particles embedded and the milk powder of reduced size has high porous microstructure.

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