Review on novel granulation techniques

Review on novel granulation techniques

Nayan Patil, S. C. Khadse, P. P. Ige


Tablets are the generally use dosage form, suitable to long-suffering observance, stretch in dose routine as well as design of dosage form. Pharmaceutical tablets be process every one in excess of the humanity use direct-compression, wet and dry granulation. The process choose depends on the ingredient entity description also aptitude towards surge suitably, compact, throw out with collapse. Selecting correct granulation way require systematic study of every component into the method, mixture of ingredient and their interaction. Exhaustive research is going on different novel granulation techniques that are able of replacing traditional granulation techniques as they have advantages of being cost-effective and high yielding. The object of their article is towards centre of attention lying on the novel granulation tools similar to pneumatic dry granulation, freeze granulation, Granurex® technology and so on.


Pneumatic dry granulation, melt granulation, nucleation, Granurex®.