Preparation of PIM or Extrusion Feedstock

Freeze Granulation of PIM or Extrusion Feedstock

Powder injection molding (PIM) and extrusion are powder shaping techniques that typically involve preparation of high viscous feedstock making it difficult to achieve full homogeneity. Especially if the powders are fine (submicron or nano) and/or if it is a composite material. By doing an initial preparation of a low viscous (based on water or organic) suspension the powders can be properly de-agglomerated, dispersed and homogenized. Other constituents aimed for the PIM or extrusion process can be added prior to freeze granulation. The result will be a homogenized, soft and dust free powder, easy to mix and disperse into a feedstock for PIM or extrusion at high powder concentration and homogeneity, promoting sintering and ultimate material performance.

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