We provide three products of equipment for freeze granulation

In connection to a purchase of granulation equipment, PowderPro AB provides help in concepts for slip preparation/formulation and how to operate the equipment in order to achieve high yield and high-quality granules.

See our Test-granulation services and start-up at site (one day) and go to Technology for more information.


Lab-scale Granulator LS-2

Has a capacity of about two liters per hour. Granulates two to five litre/shift in your lab with same size as from a large granulator.


Freeze dryer LYO GT2

GT2 grows to meet the requirements of its user and its modular construction makes it suitable for the most varied applications.


Production Granulator PS-20

Has a capacity of twenty liters per hour. Granulates 50 to 100 litre/shift depending on the solids loading in the slurry.