Carbon nanotubes deagglomeration

 Carbon Nanotubes deagglomeration by Freeze Granulation

By using Freeze Granulation it is possible to disperse and avoid agglomeration of Carbon nanotubes. Carbon nanotubes can be granulated and dried into a powder and then re-dispersed to nanopowders again avoiding agglomeration (aggregates) of nanoparticles, which is not possible with other granulation methods like spray drying.

Freeze granulation gives the possibility to granulate nanoparticles achieving granules with high degree of homogeneity which are easily re-dispersed (if applicable) in a liquid or dis-integrated at a pressing operation. This is owing to the week inter-particle bonding compare to what is obtained in conven­tional drying. Consequently, the nanosized material properties will be preserved, i.e. nano will still be nano. Freeze-drying also prevents oxidation of metals or non-oxide materials as conventional drying do not, especially critical for nanopowders.

Please contact us and we will further discuss the opportunities with Freeze Granulation on your powder system and read more on technology and we propose a Granulation Test of your powder system.

Freeze Granulation of nanopowders