Chemical-Looping Combustion (CLC)

Freeze Granulation of Chemical-Looping Combustion (CLC) system

Environmental and energy engineering (Greenhouse Gas Control Technologies): Oxygen-carrier particles for chemical-looping combustion (CLC) have been manufactured by freeze granulation for improved environmental combustion of coal and fuel gases (syngas). Freeze granulation ensures homogenous distribution of the porosity and of the active material in the particles (ex NiO) and, hence, provides reliable performance. This advantageous characteristic can be extended for use in production of all kinds of catalytic particles for various processes.

See link for a paper on the application of Freeze Granulation in CLC: Prospects of Al2O3 and MgAl2O 4-supported CuO oxygen carriers in chemical-looping combustion (CLC) and chemical-looping with oxygen uncoupling (CLOU)

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CLC_Mehdi_Licenciate Thesis_Chalmers_Sweden