Can you make spherical granules?

Yes, with Freeze Granulation it’s possible to make spherical, homogeneous and dust-free granules with optimal flowability which is critical for automatic uniaxial pressing of for ex ceramics and metal powders.

You can expect spherical and homogenous granules of powders in terms of distribution of particle size  and other possible additives you want to use. The granules with a size distribution in the range of 50-300 microns will have weak inter particle bonding making them easy to break down in pressing or re-disperse into another formulation. Very much depend upon how you intend to process the powder and depending on that, adaptation can be made.  If you tell us more we can further discuss the opportunities.

Spherical granules by freeze granulation
Spherical granules by freeze granulation
Cross section of ganule
Cross section of homogeneous ganule