R&D-Lab powder processing

R&D-Lab Powder Processing
– Granulation of powder mixtures in the Lab

PowderPro provides for the research and development lab equipment for Freeze Granulation, highly suitable for small scale processing of high-quality granules owing to the simplicity and easy cleaning set-up. By using the lab-scale freeze granulator, during four hours (one afternoon), it is possible to granulate 10 small batches of different compositions, including cleaning time, with high yield, without contamination and with the same granule size as achieved in large-scale granulation! In general, the mean granule size can be varied from about 20 to 500 μm with spherical shape, can easily be re-dispersed owing to the weak inter-granular bonding and be post-processed with potent performance owing to the high degree of homogeneity.

Freeze Granulation realizes “Homogeneous granulation” – homogeneous distribution of powder particles, binder or other compound mixtures for improved performance of the final products. Save time and money in lab-granulation by the quick, non-contamination and easy to clean ability, and last but not least, with excellent granule properties!

Freeze Granulation improves the granule properties vs conventional granulation methods such as spray drying producing granules with no void formation, no migration of fine particles or binders and no formation of hard dry shell.