Pharmaceutical and biomaterial drying

Pharmaceuticals and drugs (Pharma industry)

Freeze Granulation (FG) or Spray freeze drying (SFD) is being used for drying of pharmaceuticals and drugs, and for drying of biomaterials like proteins, enzymes and fine chemicals. The low-temperature and soft freeze drying is an important advantage to minimize damage of organic compounds and improve solubility (re-disperse) for optimized bio effect. In addition, applications in apparent solubility enhancement, pulmonary drug delivery, intradermal ballistic administration and delivery of vaccines to the nasal mucosa.

FG or SFD is a comparatively new method to produce biopharmaceutical powder preparations. This method combines spray of the feed liquid and freeze-drying (FD) processes to obtain a fine powder preparation. SFD requires less time than the FD process due to high heat transfer. Spray freeze drying in a fluidized bed at normal and low pressure. SFD powder has a large specific surface area and a higher fine particle fraction than those of FD powder.

For SFD powder, droplets formed by spraying the solution are immersed in liquid nitrogen. FD products can be reconstituted more quickly and easily as the process forms microscopic pores. The drying of frozen particles in trays and in vials on trays. Thermal treatment, annealing could be added before FD. The annealing process alters the microstructure of a material causing changes in properties. In general, the annealing treatment confers a certain homogenization to the ice crystal size distribution. The SFD method has a lot of advantages including good aerosol properties, small particle size control, and high yield. Additionally, the particle densities of SFD powders are significantly reduced compared with that of raw powder. According to the definition of aerodynamic particle diameter, the SFD process provides powder with an aerodynamic particle size suitable for inhalation.

Protein aerosol powders

Freeze granulation, in contrast to spray drying, has been shown to produce protein particles with light and porous characteristics, creating powders with superior aerosol performance due to favorable aerodynamic properties. This promotes the freeze granulation technology suitable for making protein inhalation powders.

We suggested applying Freeze Granulation for to make unique powder in the pharmaceutical industry. Heat-sensitive pharmaceuticals such as insulin and anodyne are applicable to the FG process and will be easy and quick to re-dissolve.

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