Material research and development

Freeze Granulation in material research and development

Besides its use for making high quality powder granules for pressing, freeze granulation can, with advantage, be used for many different purposes in material research and development. The homogeneity preservation, weak bonding within the granules, limited oxidation of sensible materials, limited damage of organic compounds and, not at least, the possibility to conveniently process numerous small batches of material makes the use of this technique manifold. Preparation for material synthesis, preparation of easy re-dispersible nano powder or CNT (Carbon Nano Tubes), production of carrier particles for catalysts or other purposes are only a few examples of the utilization. As you get familiar with the process and its capacity, only your imagination is the limit.

Freeze granulation can also be used as a pre-preparation step of fine ceramic powders where it is properly dispersed in a low viscous medium (water or organic solvent) with a dispersant compatible with the MIM system. After freeze drying, the result will be a powder very easy to be dispersed into the MIM system (wax or polymer melt), supporting high powder concentration and homogeneity.

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Instructions of spray freezing vs freeze drying