Homogeneous granulation of doped phosphor LED Lighting

Freeze Granulation provides today homogeneous granules for commercial production of ceramic phosphor plates for white illumination in LED Lighting. By using Freeze Granulation of the powder/binder mixture, compared with spray drying, it is possible to manufacture homogeneous phosphor plates with superior properties for generating soft and warm white light from high power LEDs versus what can be achieved with conventional spray drying.

Studies of photoluminescence in LED Lighting have shown that nano-scale YAG phosphor powders emit a higher intensity of luminescence than that provided by sub-micro sized samples. By using Freeze Granulation, nanoparticles will be kept nano-sized in the sintered product. Therefore, it is expected that freeze granulation can support glass-ceramic phosphor as a promising candidate for the realization of resin-free, high-temperature and high-humidity resistant and long-time durable white LED devices.