Freeze Granulation of Graphene

Freeze granulation gives the possibility to granulate nanpowders, like graphene platelets or graphene oxide, achieving granules with high degree of homogeneity which are easily redispersed (if applicable) in a liquid or disintegrated at a pressing operation. This is owing to the soft drying process giving week inter-particle bonding compare to what is obtained in conven­tional drying. Consequently, the nanosized material properties will be preserved, i.e. nano will still be nano. You can re-disperse agglomerated graphene oxide powders back to dispersed graphene particles in water or in organic solvents. Freeze drying of granules also prevents oxidation of metals or non-oxide materials as conventional drying does not, especially critical for graphene and graphene oxide.

Wet granulation of graphene platelets

Freeze Granulation of graphene platelets is being used for to make homogeneous mixtures of dry granules with graphene or graphene oxide. When applying FG on a Graphene slurry, you will keep the homogeneous dispersion of the nano/macro Graphene particles/platelets in the FG-granules and you can easily re-disperse the granules to nanoparticles by stirring. In the next step you can homogeneously mix graphene granules with other polymers or premix Graphene and polymers and then FG to a homogeneous granules.

For ex, see article on properties of SiC composites with GNPs, GO and in-situ formed graphene.

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