Diamond tools

Diamond tools and grinding wheels

Freeze Granulation is today used by market leaders in manufacturing of Diamond Tools; cutting and polishing wheels, drill bits for rock tooling and other applications. Our technology is also being used in manufacturing of PCD – Polycrystalline Diamonds. Homogeneous distribution of the active component, diamond particles, in the wheels is crucial for the cutting performance and tool life.

By using Freeze Granulation you will transfer your slurry including diamonds, fillers and binders into granules with homogeneously distributed diamond particles. The superb homogeneity results in improved cutting performance and tool life of the pressed and sintered advanced diamond composite product. By adding diamonds prior to granulation, the risk of agglomerated diamonds is minimized in comparison to when they are added after a granulation or dry mixed.

Please contact us and we will further discuss the opportunities with Freeze Granulation on your powder system and read more on technology and we propose a Granulation Test of your powder system.