Pharmaceutical spray freeze drying

Pharmaceutical spray freeze drying

Stefan Wanning, Richard Süverkrüp, Alf Lamprecht


Pharmaceutical spray-freeze drying (SFD) includes a heterogeneous set of technologies with primary applications in apparent solubility enhancement, pulmonary drug delivery, intradermal ballistic administration and delivery of vaccines to the nasal mucosa. The methods comprise of three steps: droplet generation, freezing and sublimation drying, which can be matched to the requirements given by the dosage form and route of administration. The objectives, various methods and physicochemical and pharmacological outcomes have been reviewed with a scope including related fields of science and technology.

Nanoparticles processing

Processing of nanoparticles

Processing of nanoparticles

Processing of nanoparticles using Freeze Granulation, Spray Freeze Drying, you will get optimal properties of your nanoparticles when mixing them with other powders or materials. The homogeneity of the powder mixture will be kept throughout the process steps, in spraying, freezing and drying, resulting in a dry granulate with homogeneously distributed nanoparticles.

Interested in test-granulation of your material?

If you would like to test-granulate your powders or chemicals using Freeze Granulation, please contact us for details. You send your material and binders to us, we make the test-granulation using freeze granulation and then send the granulated material (granulaes) back to you for your evaluation and testing.

Freeze granulation is considered to be a natural tool in most kind of material processing and development where optimal material performance is to be reached. PowderPro provides test granulations to reduced cost to evaluate the performance regarding your specific material system and application.

When purchasing of granulation equipment, PowderPro provides help in concepts for suspension formulation/preparation and how to operate the equipment to achieve high yield and high-quality granules.


LS-2 - Lab-scale Freeze Granulator