Technical specification lab-scale freeze granulator (LS-2)

PowderPro AB provides equipment for Freeze Granulation in two versions, LS-2 (see photo) and LS-6. The maximum granulation capacity of LS-2 is 2 litres slurry per hour and for LS-6 6 litres slurry per hours that typically correspond to ca 2 and 6 kg dry powder respectively.

LS-2 and LS-6 consists of a slip container with a stirrer, a pump for the slip, a spray nozzle, a regulator for compressed air and an insulated chamber for spraying and granule collection. Technical Specification LS-2

Besides the granulator, a freeze dryer (see photo of Lyovac GT2 below) with sufficient capacity is required and can be provided. Technical transfer including set-up of equip­ment and training of personnel is recomm­ended and offered upon request.

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Equipment for agglomeration of fine powders

Lab-scale freeze granulator LS-2


Freeze dryer Lyovac GT2









Technical specification GT2:  Freeze-Dryer-Drying-Vacuum-Lyophilizer-LYO-GT2-Overview–Product-Information-2010v01