Protein aerosol powders

Protein aerosol powders by Freeze Granulation

Freeze granulation, as opposed to spray drying, has been shown to produce protein particles with light and porous characteristics, which offered powders with superior aerosol performance due to favorable aerodynamic properties, suitable granulation technology for protein inhalation powders.

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Protein aerosol powders

Wet granulation

Freeze Granulation – homogeneous wet granulation of powders

Freeze Granulation is a wet granulation method where the powders, chemicals and binders are first mixed and dispersed in a solvent. In the next step the homogeneous slurry is pumped and sprayed through a nozzle to form droplets, which are sprayed into liquid nitrogen for instant freezing. In the final step the frozen granulate is moved to a freeze dryer where the solvent is sublimated leaving spherical, dust-free and homogeneous granules. The solvent could be water or organic solvents with a freezing point close to zero degree, like cyclohexane.

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Diamond composite granules

Spherical, dust-free, homogeneous granules – no donuts!

LS-2 – Lab-scale Freeze Granulator


Granulation equipment

PowderPro supplies equipment for granulation of various powders and chemicals. Freeze Granulation for improved granule properties compared with spray drying. Granules with no void formation, no migration of fine particles or binders, and no formation of hard dry shell.

Spray cooling or rather called spray freezing is the first step in the freeze granulation process where a suspension is atomized, sprayed with a nozzle, into a chamber with liquid nitrogen. The small droplets are then rapidly frozen with a minimum of ice crystal growth. The frozen material (granules) are then transferred to a freeze dryer/lyophilizer where the ice is removed by sublimation, i e never go through a liquid state that ensure homogeneity preservation.

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Pressing of powders

Pressing is the dominating shaping technique for ceramics and powder metals. Submicron and/or composite powders require adequate preparation to achieve a pressing performance that ensures dense compaction into a homogeneous state.

Conventional powder granulation methods (spray drying, sieve granulation etc) show drawbacks. Migration phenomena cause inhomogeneities and hard granules that do not disintegrate properly during pressing.

The preparation of a powder suspension by applying colloidal processing combined with sufficient mechanical treatment provides optimal homogeneity

  • can be preserved by spray freezing and subsequent freeze drying resulting in

Homogeneous powder granules with superior performance made by Freeze Granulation.

Nanoparticles processing

Processing of nanoparticles

Processing of nanoparticles

Processing of nanoparticles using Freeze Granulation, Spray Freeze Drying, you will get optimal properties of your nanoparticles when mixing them with other powders or materials. The homogeneity of the powder mixture will be kept throughout the process steps, in spraying, freezing and drying, resulting in a dry granulate with homogeneously distributed nanoparticles.

Thermal spraying

Homogeneous thermal spray powders, for forming thermal spray coatings, can be made by Freeze Granulation. The homogeneity of the spray powders is very important, not only for composite spray powders and by using FG you will keep the homogeneity throughout the process.