Lab-scale Granulator LS-2

Lab-scale Granulator LS-2

The lab-scale granulator LS-2 has a capacity of about 2 liters/hour. LS-2 consists of a slip container with a stirrer, a pump for the slip, a spray nozzle, a regulator for compressed air and an insulated chamber for spraying and granule collection. LS-2 is a wet granulation equipment for to granulate powders and chemicals to a homogeneous and soft granulate without migration of binders and fine particles.

Installation, demonstration and training is done at costumer (your lab) after the equipment has been delivered. At this occasion any of your material can be processed. The cost for training cover time, travel and accommodation for our personnel. The cost for the Lab-scale Granulator LS-2 cover and includes the accessories you need for running the equipment. What you further need is a freeze-drier. PowderPro provides a lab-scale drier (GT-2) with a capacity to dry granules derived from ca 1.5 liters suspension in 24 hours. Larger drier exists on the market and PowderPro can advise.

Lab-resources needed; ventilation, pressurized air and for the processing you need access to liquid nitrogen. It can also be convenient to have a freezer for storage of frozen granules, can be a simple house-hold version.

Please fill in our contact form describing your powder system and need for granulation and we will send you a quotation and additional info.

Key Benefits

Homogeneous granules with
– no contamination
– no migration of binders or small particles
– no void formation
– no formation of dried shell
– easy to use and easy to clean
– low waste of material (high yield)
– for example, granulate 10 small batches of different compositions in 4h (one afternoon), including cleaning time
– granulate 2-5 litre/shift in your lab with
– same granule size as from a large granulator or spray-drier

Technical Specification LS-2

Please contact us for more information and a test-granulation of your powder system.

LS-2 - Lab-scale Freeze Granulator

LS-2 – Lab-scale Freeze Granulator